Monday, April 30, 2018


The land is so accursed
Everything is falling out of its place
From the home we use to know as home
Now become a deserted environment
Displace without a home

Did anyone ever tell you
Did anyone ever said
Do you capture of vision of glory
So stents the hands of time
Why not hold on to your promises

Our land is accurse
Our home is been ravage
Our communities are void of human life
Our roads and water bodies are been taken over
Our land is no longer our pride

As we become the talk of the news
Among our fellow neighboring countries surrounding us
We lost it all out when we should be keeping our land
Displace without a home as we wonder from shore to shore
Deserted wounded by circumstances

And yet we still go on in the same circle
Without not proving solution to the menace
That rocks our existence as people in various homes where we live
We lost that little sister heaven called home
Displace without home

Making The Dream Count

See if you don’t have a dream
Get grasp yourself and go under the staircase
And have a rethink of that life of yours
Because God never created a dreamless being
When He made man, He gave everyone a dream

A dream that will make such a one
Fulfill the mandate of which He (God) has given everyone
To explore the earth dominate and reach the full
Use of every potential in every one
Because there is drop of greatness in everyone

He never created a good for nothing fellow
But God made us all in His image and likeness
So His expectation of Him from us all
Is do exercise the power within us all His creature
Don’t let the dream lies fallow

Making the dream count in all spheres
In all endavour chase the dream while you may
 Be real be different and be proud of who you are
You are nothing but a rare gem inputted with greatness
Never allow anyone anywhere to sell to you what you are not
Remember to make the dream count you got to chase the dream

Be true to yourself and your purpose
Discover your purpose in time and chase it
Like a cheetah after her prey never relent
Keep the dream alive inside you and carry it everywhere
Never allow dream crushers and killers to crushed it to death